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Filled With Compassion Sheet Music

Noel Richards / Tricia Richards

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Original Key: A

Tempo: 0

/tmp/ page 1 = 136     1. Filled with com pas sion for all cre a tion, 2. Great is Your pas sion for all the peo ple 3. From ev 'ry na tion we shall be ga thered, A Verse Bm7 A/C♯ D A/C♯ E Bm/A A 4 4 4 4 Je sus came in to a world that was liv ing and dy ing with out know ing mil lions re deemed shall be Je sus' re Bm7 A/C♯ D A/C♯ lost. There was but one way that He could You. Hav ing no Sa viour, they're lost for ward. Then He will turn and say to His E A Bm7 A/C♯ D A/C♯ E save us, on ly through suf fer ing e ver, if we don't speak out and Fa ther: "Tru ly my suf fer ing Bm/A A Bm7 A/C♯ D A/C♯

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Bible References

  • - Luke 19:10
  • - Hebrews 12:2
  • - 1 Timothy 1:15

1994 Thankyou Music

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