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Fire's Gonna Fall Sheet Music

Martin Smith, Jonathan Bird, Kevin Swartwood, Wayne Hilsden, Gabriel Wilson, Stephen Evans, Reuben Harsant | 5 average from 1 reviews

Original Key: A

Tempo: 66

/tmp/ page 1 = 66     A Intro Bm A 4 4 4 4 F♯m7 D A Oh, the fi re's gon na fall on us, oh, the fi re's gon na fall; A Chorus Bm A ev 'ry heart will know the love of God. F♯m7 D A 1,3 God. 1. We can hear the crack of thun der, the 2. We're an or di na ry cho ir with a A Verse D F♯m 2,4

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Bible References

  • - Acts 2:3
  • - Acts 2:38
  • - Acts 1:8
  • - Luke 11:2
  • - Matthew 6:10
  • - Revelation 22:2

2019 exclusively published by Gloworks Publishing Limited c/o Bucks Music Group Limited (PRS)

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