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Glory In The Highest Sheet Music

Al Gordon, Luke Hellebronth,Hanif Williams | average from reviews

Original Key: D

Tempo: 0

/tmp/ page 1 = 120     1. You a lone are wor thy, You a lone de 2. For Your love and mer cy, for the beau ty D A/C# Bm7 4 4 4 4 serve the high est praise. We bow down to wor ship, of Your sav ing grace; we have come to thank You. G D A/C# we bow down to seek You in this place. We sing We have come to wor ship You to day. Bm7 G D Chorus glo ry, glo ry in the high est, glo ry in the high est, glo ry to our A Bm G Last time to Coda God. (We sing) God. D (Last chorus) D A/C# 1,3,4 2 1,3,4 2

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Bible References

  • - Psalms 7:4
  • - Luke 2:14
  • - Ephesians 2:4
  • - Ephesians 2:5
  • - Ephesians 2:8

2009 Thankyou Music

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