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God Of Grace Sheet Music

Keith Getty / Jonathan Rea

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Original Key: D

Tempo: 93

/tmp/ page 1 = 120     D/F♯ G2 Bm7 Apower G2/A D Dsus4 4 3 4 3 1. God of grace, a maz ing won der, ir re sis ti ble and 2. God of grace, who loved and knew me long be fore the world be 3. God of grace, I stand a stound ed, cleansed, for gi ven and se D A7 D D/F♯ Gmaj7 D/F♯ Em A7 free; oh, the mi ra cle of mer cy, Je sus rea ches down to gan; sent my Sa viour down from hea ven: per fect God and per fect cure. All my fears are now con found ed and my hope is e ver D A7 D D/F♯ Gmaj7 D/F♯ Em A7 me. God of grace, I stand in won der, as my God re stores my Man. God of grace, I trust in Je sus, I'm ac cep ted as His sure. God of grace, now crowned in glo ry, where one day I'll see Your D A7 D D/F♯ G D/F♯ G2 Bm Em7

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2003 Thankyou Music

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