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Goliath Sheet Music

Lucy Grimble

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Original Key: C

Tempo: 69

/tmp/ page 1   1. Da vid killed Go li ath, though it N.C. (Continues under) Verse 4 4 seemed im pos si ble; who’d have thought a sin gle stone could make a gi ant fall. 'Cause he was just a kid, and by com pa ri son was small, but held with in the hands of God, he was in vin 4 2 ci ble. 2. Well, this I will re mem ber when the 3. Cou rage comes from know ing that I’m Verse Am G/B C 4 4 bat tle comes to me: to fix my eyes on things a bove, and walk ing with the Lord; no mat ter what I face, I know that F C Am G/B C not on what I see. In the deep est strug gle, in the He has gone be fore. This will be the bat tle cry that Gsus4 G F G Am face of great de feat, my un fair ad van tage is that Je sus stands hell can not ig nore: Je sus is the Ri sen One, He’s o ver come F C Dm C/E Gsus4 4 2 with me. And all it e ver takes is a lit tle seed of faith, it all. C Chorus F G Am F G Am 4 4 big e nough to bring down ev ‘ry gi ant. I don’t have to be a fraid, in the F G Am Gsus4 G F G Am

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      2020 Running Club Songs/PRS, Integrity’s Praise! Music/BMI

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