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Grace Every Time Sheet Music

New Wine Worship

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Original Key: D

Tempo: 104

/tmp/ page 1 = 104     G Intro Bm A D/F♯ G Bm A 4 4 4 4 1. Lord, I will love You, You have 2. You draw me clos er, deep er G Verse Bm A D/F♯ pro ven Your un shake a ble grace. I want to choose You, than I’ve e ver known You be fore. Now I’m sur round ed G Bm A G Bm A cos Your con sis tence in the mil li on ways. by Your per fect love and bro ken down walls. D/F♯ G Bm A Sor ry that I walked a way, sor ry that I thought that I could G Pre-Chorus Bm A D/F♯

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Grace Every Time - Youtube Lyric Video

Youtube Lyric Video


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