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Great God Sheet Music

Israel Houghton | Ricardo Sanchez

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Original Key: E

Tempo: 0

/tmp/ page 1 = 122     E Intro Dm 4 4 4 4 E Am7 Great are Your ways, great are Your works, great are You Lord in all E Verse 1 G♯m7 F♯m7 A E G♯m7 F♯m7 the earth. Great is Your pow'r, great is Your strength, E G♯m7 F♯m7 A great are You Lord and great ly to be praised. F♯m7 A/B

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Bible References

    2007 Integrity's Hosanna! Music, Integrity's Praise! Music, New Breed Extended, Ricardo Music Dot Com, Sound Of The New Breed

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