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Tim Timmons

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Original Key: F

Tempo: 76

/tmp/ page 1 = 76     1. You’re call ing me to the gar den, out of the waste land; ble, out of the fa mine, Verse Fsus4 F 4 4 4 4 let’s walk up on the path way of Your good ness. to feast on Your pro vi sion, to taste a bun dance. Fsus4 F C Csus4 I don’t have to wor ry when I’m here. I don’t have to hur ry when I’m here. C Csus4 B♭sus2 2. You’re call ing me to the ta B♭ B♭ C/B♭ B♭ C/B♭ 1 2 Here in Your pre sence, I am a wake and a live; Here in Your pre sence, Je sus I’m Yours, You are mine. F Chorus

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      2020 Integrity's Alleluia! Music/10000 Minutes Prayers/Jack Mooring Worship/The Worship Society/SESAC (adm worldwide at, excluding the UK & Europe which is adm by Integrity Music)

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