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Darlene Zschech, Andy Mak | average from reviews

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/tmp/ page 1 = 76     1. Ev 'ry knee will bow, 2. Ev 'ry life will see 3. God of heav'n and earth, B♭ Intro Dm C/E F F/A B♭ Dm C/E F F/A B♭ Verse 4 4 4 4 Ev 'ry tongue con fess, the glo ry of our King, we long for more of You, Dm C/E F F/A B♭ Dm C/E F F/A Ev 'ry heart will cry out Your Name. You are wel come here, wel come. Je sus come and reign in our hearts. You are wel come here wel come. come and meet with us as we pray. You are wel come here wel come. B♭ Dm C/E F F/A C Ho ly Spi rit, come, come in po wer; my life is Yours, Chorus F Gm Dm 1 2 1 2 my life is Yours. Ho ly Spi rit come, start a fi B♭ F C F Gm

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Bible References

  • - Philippians 2:10
  • - Philippians 2:11
  • - Isaiah 6:8
  • - Acts 2:1
  • - Acts 2:2
  • - Acts 2:3
  • - Acts 2:4

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