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I Am The Church Sheet Music

Donald Stuart Marsh

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Original Key: G

Tempo: 110

/tmp/ page 1 I am the church, you are the church, we are the church to ge ther. Chorus G Bm7 D 4 4 4 4 All who fol low Je sus, all a round the world, yes, we're the church to G Bm7 Am D Bm7 Em ge ther. 1. The church is not a build ing, the 2. We're ma ny kinds of peo ple, with 3. Some times the church is march ing, some 4. And when the peo ple ga ther, there's 5. At Pen te cost, some peo ple re 6. I count if I am nine ty, or D G (Fine) G church is not a stee ple, the ma ny kinds of fa ces; all times it's brave ly burn ing, some sing ing and there's pray ing, there's ceived the Ho ly Spi rit, and nine, or just a ba by. There's C

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Bible References

  • - Matthew 18:20
  • - Acts 2:1
  • - Acts 17:24
  • - Romans 12:15
  • - Galatians 3:28
  • - Ephesians 1:22
  • - Ephesians 2:11
  • - Ephesians 5:19
  • - 1 Peter 2:4

1972 Hope Publishing Company

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