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Joy Sheet Music

Dustin Smith

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Original Key: Db

Tempo: 120

/tmp/ page 1 We're ga thered here to wor ship (The pre cious) babe has come to D♭ 4 4 4 4 Him. Let ce le bra tion save so lift Your voi ces G♭ B♭m7 now be gin. The pre cious and now pro claim: A♭ He has come, He has come. G♭ D♭ A♭ G♭ B♭m7 A♭ 3 3 Joy to the world, let earth re ceive her King. Let B♭m A♭ D♭ G♭ D♭

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Bible References

  • - Luke 2:13
  • - Luke 2:14
  • - Isaiah 9:6

2016 Integrity's Praise! Music/Integrity Worship Music/Clear Brooks Music/Integrity's Alleluia! Music/Travis Ryan SESAC Publishing Designee

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