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Let There Be Wonder Sheet Music

Matt Redman

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Original Key: A

Tempo: 160

/tmp/ page 1 Let There Be Wonder Matt Redman, Corey Voss, Josh Silverberg & Jacob Sooter = 80 1. Let this 2. We’re in A Intro Verse 8 6 8 6 place be an up per room where Your peo ple learn to awe, and we fear Your name, but we will not be a F♯m7 E wait. Let this house be come ho ly ground where Your fraid. For the King in His ho li ness is our D (v.2) A Bm7 chil dren watch and pray. O, re mind us to day: we are Fa ther and our friend. O, re mind us to day, we are F♯m7 E D E

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