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Light Has Come Sheet Music

Sarah Kroger

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Original Key: B

Tempo: 78

/tmp/ page 1 = 78     1. What a won der, God is B Intro Verse B 8 6 8 6 mov ing all a round us, lift your eyes. In the B/F♯ F♯ E B dark ness of this wea ry world, hope is start ing to E B/D♯ C♯m B/F♯ rise. God is with us, be hold His Son; F♯ Chorus Emaj7 F♯ D♯m7 G♯m7 Emaj7 F♯ B dawn of glo ry, light has come. 2. From the Emaj7 F♯ D♯m7 G♯m7 Emaj7 F♯ B Verse

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