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Love Songs From Heaven Sheet Music

Noel Richards

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/tmp/ page 1 Piano 1.Love songs from hea ven are fil ling the 2.No thing has si lenced this gos pel of 3.Let ev 'ry na tion be filed with Your G C/G G 4 4 4 4 Pno earth, bring ing great hope to all na Christ; it ech oes down through the a song; This is the cry of Your peo D G C G Pno tions. E vil has pros pered, but truth is a ges. Blood of the mar tyrs has made Your church ple. We will not set tle for an y thng D G C G Pno live; in this dark world the light still shines. strong; in this less, in this D G C G D G 1 Pno shines. C G 2,3

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Bible References

  • - Matthew 5:16
  • - John 1:5
  • - John 8:12

1996 Thankyou Music

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