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Make Way Make Way For Christ The King Sheet Music

Graham Kendrick

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Original Key: G

Tempo: 0

/tmp/ page 1 = 96     1. Make way, make way, for Christ the King in splen dour ar 2. He comes the bro ken hearts to heal, the pris 'ners to 3. And those who mourn with hea vy hearts, who weep and 4. We call you now to wor ship Him as Lord of Verse G Am7 Dsus4 D Am7 D7 4 4 4 4 rives. Fling wide the gates and wel come Him in free. The deaf shall hear, the lame shall dance, the sigh; with laugh ter, joy and ro yal crown He'll all. To have no gods be fore Him, their G Am7 G Am7 Dsus4 D to your lives. Make way! (Make way!) Make blind shall see. beau ti fy. thrones must fall! Am7 D7 G Chorus G Am7 way! (Make way!) For the King of kings. (For the King of kings.) Make Dsus4 D Em D Em D way! (Make way!) Make way! (Make way!) And G Am7 Dsus4 D

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Make Way Make Way For Christ The King - Youtube Lyric Video

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Bible References

  • - Isaiah 61:1
  • - Matthew 3:3
  • - Matthew 11:5
  • - Mark 1:3
  • - Luke 3:4
  • - Luke 4:18
  • - Luke 7:22
  • - John 1:23
  • - Acts 3:8
  • - Isaiah 40:3

1986 Thankyou Music

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