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Making Room Sheet Music

David Binion, Mitch Wong | 3.7 average from 6 reviews

Original Key: G

Tempo: 81

/tmp/ page 1 1. No room in the inn for the Sa vior, sad ly they Em7 Verse D C2 Em7 D 8 6 8 6 turned Him a way. 'Send 'em on out to the sta ble, C2 Em7 D C2 Let Him be born with the sheep and the hay.' No room for Je sus. Em7 D C2 Em7 D C2 2. No room in our wor ship for Je sus, Em7 D C2 Verse Em7 D C2 for sak ing His will for a stage; con tent to just Em7 D C2 Em7 D

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