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My Prayer Sheet Music

Bright City

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Original Key: C

Tempo: 90

/tmp/ page 1 = 90     1a. Faith ful Shep herd feed me, 1b. Hold me fast and guide me F Intro Am G C C Verse G 4 4 4 4 in the pas tures green, and faith ful Shep herd lead me where Thy steps are in the nar row way, and so with Thee be side me, I shall ne ver F Am G C G F G seen stray Fa ther, let this be my pray'r, to fol low You a lone. C C Chorus F Am G C 1 2 Fa ther, let this be my pray'r, un til You call me home. F Am G C 2. Dai ly bring me nea rer to the heav’n ly shore, and make my faith grow C Verse G F Am G C

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