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No Other Name Sheet Music

Robert Gay

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Original Key: D

Tempo: 120

/tmp/ page 1 = 120     No oth er name but the name of Je sus, no oth er Chorus D/F♯ G G/A A D D/F♯ 4 4 4 4 name but the name of the Lord; no oth er name but the name of G G/A A Bm D/F♯ G A Je sus is wor thy of glo ry, and wor thy of hon our, and Bm A G D/A Em7/A D/A Em7/A Last time to Coda wor thy of pow er and all praise. No oth er D/A Em7 G/A A7 D D/F♯ 1 1 praise. His name is ex alt ed far a bove the earth, His D G/A Verse D A/C♯ Bm D/A 2 2

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Bible References

  • - Acts 4:12
  • - Hebrews 7:26
  • - Psalms 148:13

1988 Integrity's Hosanna! Music.

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