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O Holy Night Sheet Music

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Original Key: C

Tempo: 99

/tmp/ page 1 = 99     C Intro Dm F Dm C Dm 8 6 8 6 1. O ho ly night, the stars are bright ly 2. Led by the light of Faith se rene ly 3. Tru ly He taught us to love one a F N.C. C Verse Em F shin ing, it is the night of our dear Sa vior's birth. beam ing, with glow ing hearts by His cra dle we stand. no ther, His law is love and His Gos pel is Peace. C G C F/G Long lay the world, in sin and er ror pin ing, 'til He ap So led by light of a star sweet ly gleam ing, here come the Chains shall He break, for the slave is our bro ther, and in His C Em F C

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      2020 Words: Public Domain / Music: E On The Eye Chart (Admin. by Capitol CMG Publishing (Integrity Music, David C Cook)) / Integrity's Praise! Music (Admin. by Capitol CMG Publishing (Integrity Music, David C Cook))

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