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O Praise Him Sheet Music

David Crowder | average from reviews

Original Key: Bb

Tempo: 0

/tmp/ page 1 = 120     1. Turn your ear to hea ven, and hear 2. Turn your gaze to hea ven, and raise B♭2 Verse F/A 4 4 4 4 the noise in side, the sound of an a joy ous noise. The sound of sal va E♭ B♭2 ­ gel's awe, the sound of an gel's songs, and all ­ tion come, the sound of re scued ones, and all F/A this for a King. We could join and sing, all this for a King. An gels join to sing, all E♭ Cm7 to Christ, the King. How con stant, how for Christ the King. How in fi nite E♭ F/A

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Bible References

  • - Revelation 5:11
  • - Revelation 14:2
  • - Revelation 14:3
  • - Revelation 19:1

2003 Songs/sixsteps Music

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