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One Day When We All Get To Heaven Sheet Music

Eliza E Hewitt, Matt Redman, Beth Redman, Leonard Jarman | average from reviews

Original Key: C

Tempo: 80

/tmp/ page 1 C Intro E/B Am C/G Dm7 F D/C G/B 4 4 4 4 F Am/F♯ E7/G♯ Am G7/D C/E Gsus4 G One day You'll make eve ry thing new, Je sus. One day You'll make sense of it all, Je sus. C Verse Dm C/E One day You will bind eve ry wound. The One day eve ry ques tion re solved. Dm C/F Gsus4 form er things shall all pass a way, no more tears. When we Eve ry anx ious thought left be hind, no more fear. F G Am Dm C/E G G all get to heav en, what a day of re joic ing that will be. When we C Chorus Am F/A Gsus4 G

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    Bible References

    • - Revelation 21:4
    • - 1 Corinthians 2:9
    • - Revelation 21:15
    • - Revelation 21:16
    • - Revelation 21:17

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