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Our Story Our Song Sheet Music

Prestonwood Worship

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Original Key: Bb

Tempo: 98

/tmp/ page 1 = 98 Piano Piano Oh, oh, oh, oh. B♭ Gm7 E♭ 4 4 4 4 Pno Pno Once bound by fear, so lost in sin, We've seen Your po wer, we've seen You move, B♭ Pno Pno we need ed res cue, then You broke in. there is no end to what You can do. Gm7 E♭ Pno Pno You poured out hope, shat tered our doubt, 'Cause we were dead, but, we're now a live, B♭ Pno Pno be came the love we can't live with out, oh. saved by the re sur rec ted Christ. Gm7 E♭ 1 1

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Bible References

  • - Psalms 55:5
  • - Psalms 118:14

2016 Integrity's Alleluia! Music/Nordinary Music/Integrity's Praise! Music/Prestonwood Creative Publishing

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