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Praise The Lord (Evermore) Sheet Music

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Original Key: Bb

Tempo: 66

/tmp/ page 1 = 66     3. The E♭2 Intro Gm7 B♭/F Fsus4 (Rpt 1st time only) 4 4 4 4 1. On the cross of Cal va ry, Your my ste ry of ma je sty, star that shone the bright est died, when E♭2 Verse Gm7 B♭/F Fsus4 heart was torn to bring us peace, You gave it all, bro ken for our li ber ty, You gave it all, earth fell dark, the hea vens cried, be hold our King, E♭2 Gm7 B♭/F Fsus4 Je sus. 2. The Je sus. Je  E♭2 Gm7 B♭/F Fsus4 1

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Bible References

  • - Luke 23:33
  • - Psalms 146:1
  • - Psalms 89:1

2017 Thankyou Music/Safe & Sound Music/Ben Cantelon Designee & Sam Bailey

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