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Psalm 62 Sheet Music

Aaron Keyes

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Original Key: C

Tempo: 92

/tmp/ page 1 = 92     1. My soul finds rest in God a lone, my rock and my sal va tion; a soul finds rest in God a lone a mid the world's temp ta tions; when set my gaze on God a one and trust in Him com plete ly; with Verse C C/B F2/A C F/A G7sus4 4 5 4 5 fort ress strong a gainst my foes, and I will not be sha ken. Though e vil seeks to take a hold I'll cling to my sal va tion. Though ev ‘ry day pour out my soul and He will prove His mer cy. Though C C/B F2/A C F/A G7sus4 C lips may bless and hearts may curse, and lies like ar rows pierce me, I'll rich es come and rich es go, don't set your heart up on them; the life is but a fleet ing breath, a sigh too brief to mea sure, my F C/E F B♭/D G/B fix my heart on right eous ness, I'll look to Him who hears fields of hope in which I sow are har vest ed in hea King has crushed the curse of death and I am His for e C C/B F2/A C F/A G7sus4 4 3 4 3

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Bible References

  • - Galatians 3:13

2007 Thankyou Music

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