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Gas Street Music

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Original Key: E

Tempo: 74

/tmp/ page 1 = 74     1. Oh God my Fa ther, E Intro Esus4 E Esus2 E E Verse Esus4 E 4 4 4 4 oh God my Home; this house of heal ing, this place of hope; Esus2 E E Esus4 E Esus2 E where I’ve for sa ken, I’m now re turn ing. E Esus4 E Esus2 E E Link Esus4 E 2. Sim ple de vo tion is Your de sire; 3. For this com mu nion You chose the cross; Esus2 E E Esus4 E Esus2 E here I sur ren der to find the fire; You are my pas sion, For my re bel lion, un bro ken love. Hea ven was call ing E Esus4 E Esus2 E C♯m

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