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Revive Us (Heavy Rain) Sheet Music

Luke Hellebronth, Nick Herbert, Brenton Brown, Tim Hughes, Jimmy James, Willie Weeks | average from reviews

Original Key: G

Tempo: 68

/tmp/ page 1 = 68     3 Come like a C/E Intro G/D C/E Dsus4 C/E G/D C/E Dsus4 Verse 4 4 4 4 3 3 3 fi re, come like the wind; Your pre sence is hea ven, hea ven right C G Dsus4 D C G 3 3 3 here. Breathe on Your peo ple, called by Your name; show us Your Dsus4 D C G D 3 glo ry, lead us, we pray. Re vive us, re vive C G Dsus4 D Chorus us a gain, pour out the pow'r of Your pre sence. A wa C G C Em Dsus4 D

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    Bible References

    • - Psalms 85:6
    • - Romans 13:11

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