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Rock Of Ages Sheet Music

Colin Webster

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Original Key: C

Tempo: 93

/tmp/ page 1 Piano Rock of a ges, cleft for me, let me hide my self in No thing in my hand I bring, sim ply to the cross I While I draw this fleet ing breath, when my eyes shall close in C F2 C 4 3 4 3 Pno Thee; let the wa ter and the blood from Your wound ed side which cling; Nak ed come to You for dress; Help less, look to You for death, when I soar to worlds un known, see You on Your judg ment G/B Am F2 C G/B Pno flow'd be for sin the dou ble cure, save from grace; to the foun tain fly: Wash me, throne; eyes shall see the King and the C Am G/B C Pno wrath and make me pure; cleanse from guilt and cleanse from Sav iour, or I die. All my works could not a glo ries of His heav'n, there be hold You face to F2 C Am G/B Pno sin, white as snow and pure with in. Rock of tone, You must save, and You a lone. face, saved for ev er by Your grace. C F2 G

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