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Shout For Joy And Sing Sheet Music

David Fellingham

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/tmp/ page 1 = 120     Shout for joy and sing your prais es to the King, D6 G G/F♯ Em7 Em/D C Am 4 4 4 4 lift your voice and let your hal le lu jahs ring; D G G/F♯ Em Em/D C Am come be fore His throne to wor ship and a dore, D Em B7/F♯ Em/G E/G♯ Am en ter joy ful ly now the pre sence of the Lord. D Bm7 Em7 Am7 Dsus4 D7 You are my Cre a tor, G C/G G G♯dim7 Am7

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Bible References

  • - John 10:11
  • - John 10:14
  • - Genesis 22:8
  • - Genesis 22:14
  • - Exodus 15:26
  • - Psalms 18:2
  • - Psalms 98:4

1988 Thankyou Music

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