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Shout For Joy (Christmas) Sheet Music

Lincoln Brewster, Paul Baloche, Jason Ingram | 5 average from 1 reviews

Original Key: Eb

Tempo: 134

/tmp/ page 1 Intro A♭ B♭ Cm B♭/D E♭ A♭ B♭ 4 4 4 4 A♭ (Gtr) B♭ Cm B♭/D E♭ A♭ B♭ A♭ (Strings) B♭ Cm B♭/D E♭ 1. Pour out your 2. Oh, night in A♭ B♭ E♭ Verse fer vent praise, there's a song to raise like a ban ner Beth le hem, Hea ven came to man, born the Son of E♭sus4 E♭ E♭sus4 E♭ E♭sus4 E♭

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Bible References

    2012 Integrity Worship Music, Leadworship Songs, Integrity’s Praise! Music, Sony/ATV Timber Publishing, West Main Music, Windsor Music

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