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Sing In The Darkness Sheet Music

Ginny Owens

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Original Key: Ab

Tempo: 72

/tmp/ page 1 = 72     1. From the light of cre Fm Intro C A♭ E♭ D♭ A♭ D♭ Verse 4 4 4 4 3 a tion, Your love on dis play, the po wer that Fm E♭/G A♭ au thors ev ‘ry life, now gives us faith. When the path feels un E♭ A♭2/C A♭sus4/D♭ cer tain, Lord, You are the way, You’ll streng then our Fm E♭/G A♭ hearts un til our eyes see face to face. We will sing, we’ll sing in the E♭sus4 A♭2/C B♭m7 Chorus D♭2

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