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Son Of God, Son Of Man Sheet Music

Travis Ryan, Don Poythress, Tony Wood, Anthony Skinner | 5 average from 1 reviews

Original Key: F#

Tempo: 70

/tmp/ page 1 1. Ho ly King on 2. Love that had to Intro D♯m B D♯m C♯/E♯ F♯maj7 Verse D♯m C♯/E♯ 4 4 4 4 hea ven's throne, heart of mer cy to a tone, so He takes on be ex pressed, in a man ger now He rests. All cre a tion B/F♯ F♯ B/F♯ D♯m F♯/C♯ C♯ D♯m C♯/E♯ flesh and bone as an gels sing 'hal le lu jah.' hold its breath as Ma ry sings 'hal le B/F♯ F♯ B/F♯ D♯m F♯/C♯ C♯ (to v.2) 1 lu jah.' Son of God, Son of Man, hea ven's F♯/C♯ C♯ Chorus B F♯ 2 Li on, per fect Lamb. Suf f'ring ser vant, Great I D♯m C♯sus4 C♯ B

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Son Of God, Son Of Man - Youtube Lyric Video

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Bible References

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2016 Integrity's Alleluia! Music/Travis Ryan SESAC Publishing Designee/Integrity Worship Music & Wordspring Music LLC/Tony Wood Songs & Clear Brooks Music & Dirt Movin Music

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