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The King Is Coming Sheet Music

Gaither Vocal Band

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Original Key: G

Tempo: 70

/tmp/ page 1 = 70     1. The mar ket place is emp ty, no more traf fic in the fa ces line the hall ways, those whose lives have been re hear the cha riots rum ble, I can see the march ing G C 4 3 4 3 streets, all the build ers' tools are si lent, no more deemed, bro ken homes that He has mend ed, those from throng, the flur ry of God's trum pets, spells the A D7 time to har vest wheat. Bu sy house wives cease their la bors, in the pri son He has freed. Lit tle chil dren and the a ged, hand in end of sin and wrong. Re gal robes are now un fold ing, Hea ven's G C/G G D7 G G7 court room no de bate, work on earth is all su spend ed, as the hand stand all a glow, who were crip pled, bro ken, ru ined, clad in grand stands all in place, Hea ven's choir is now as sem bled, start to C A7 D7 King comes thru the gate. O the King is com ing, the King is gar ments white as snow. sing A maz ing Grace. G C/G G Chorus D7 G G/B C

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Bible References

  • - Jude 1:14

1970 William J. Gaither, Inc.

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