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The Perfect Wisdom Of Our God Sheet Music

Stuart Townend & Keith Getty

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Original Key: Bb

Tempo: 97

/tmp/ page 1 = 120     1. The per fect wis dom of our God, re vealed in all the u ni match less wis dom of His ways that mark the path of right eous grant me wis dom from a bove, to pray for peace and cling to B♭/D Verse E♭ F Gm F/A B♭ E♭ 4 3 4 3 verse: all things cre a ted by His hand, and held to ness; His word a lamp un to my feet, His Spi rit love, and teach me hum bly to re ceive the sun and Fsus4 B♭/D E♭ F Gm E♭ ge ther at His com mand. He knows the my st'ries of the teach ing and guid ing me. And O the my st'ry of the rain of Your sov ‘reign ty. Each strand of sor row has a B♭/F F B♭ Gm F/A B♭ seas, the se crets of the stars are His; He cross, that God should suf fer for the lost, so place with in this ta pes try of grace; so E♭sus4 E♭ Gm7 F/A B♭ E♭ Fsus4 F Gm7

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The Perfect Wisdom Of Our God - Youtube Lyric Video

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Bible References

  • - Matthew 5:45
  • - Mark 14:36
  • - Luke 22:42
  • - John 1:3
  • - Romans 1:20
  • - Romans 12:2
  • - 1 Corinthians 1:27
  • - 1 Corinthians 1:31
  • - Colossians 1:16
  • - Hebrews 1:3

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