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The Reason Sheet Music

David & Nicole Binion

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Original Key: D

Tempo: 66

/tmp/ page 1 1. This Christ mas, take a lit tle mo ment to re 2. This Christ mas, take a lit tle brea ther from the Intro D2 Verse Bm9/D F♯m7 G2 8 8 6 8 6 mem ber the ba by in a man ger, the pro mise of mad ness; there's new life in the still ness, and beau ty for Em7♭5 Bm9/D F♯m7 G2 8 Hea ven. Lift up your eyes, there is hope in the ash es. Lift up a song, ev 'ry heart, ev 'ry Am9♭5/B G A Bm 8 night; there is a rea son, a rea son to sing. Oh, oh, oh, home; there is a rea son, a A/C♯ D A/C♯ G Em7/A Dmaj9 F♯m7 1 8

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