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This Is My Surrender Sheet Music

LIFE Worship

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Original Key:

Tempo: 97

/tmp/ page 1 = 120     F♯m A D 4 4 4 4 This is my sur ren der, this is my de pen dence, All I am in wor ship, all my a dor a tion, Bm7 F♯m Verse A this is my de vo tion, poured out for You. Come, take me o ver, all of my de vo tion, gi ven to You. D Bm7 D Pre-Chorus take all my pride, tear down the em pires, I've built up in side. F♯m E D A E Come build Your king dom, here in my heart a gain. D F♯m E D

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Bible References

  • - 2 Peter 1:6
  • - Amos 9:11
  • - Isaiah 65:17
  • - James 4:7
  • - Luke 11:2
  • - Matthew 6:10
  • - Psalms 51:17

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