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To Be In Your Presence Sheet Music

Noel Richards | average from reviews

Original Key: D

Tempo: 0

/tmp/ page 1 = 120     1. To be in Your pres ence, to sit at Your 2. To rest in Your pre sence, not rush ing a D Verse G/B A/C♯ D 4 4 4 4 feet, where Your love sur rounds me, way; to che rish each mo ment, G/B A/C♯ D G/B A/C♯ and makes me com plete. This is my de here I would stay. D G/B A/C♯ D Chorus sire, O Lord, this is my de sire. This is my de G6/B A D D/C sire, O Lord, this is my de sire. G6/B A D A/C♯ G/B A/C♯ D

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To Be In Your Presence - Youtube Lyric Video

Youtube Lyric Video


Bible References

  • - Psalms 27:4

1991 Thankyou Music

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