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To My Knees Sheet Music

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Original Key: C

Tempo: 100

/tmp/ page 1 = 100     C Intro R.H. R.H. R.H. R.H. F2 Sim. Am7 G C/E 8 12 8 12 1. In the Sa viour's love, I find 2. In my va cant heart, Lord, You F2 Verse C joy be yond com pare, end less peace co vers all of came and made a home, You bring light to the dark in F2 Am7 G C/E me. When You breathe with in, You turn me. When I lose my way, I am F2 C win ter in to spring, grace dis solves ev 'ry fear in bec koned in to grace, You a lone are my ev 'ry F2 Am7 G C/E

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Bible References

  • - Philippians 2:10
  • - Philippians 2:11
  • - Revelation 4:8

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