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Unveil Sheet Music

Jon Egan

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Original Key: A

Tempo: 85

/tmp/ page 1 = 85     1. Stars bow low, (2.) earth and sea 3. Ho ly One, A Intro Em Gsus2 D A Verse 4 4 4 4 all the hea vens make their boast, You are seat ed rest ing un der neath Your feet, Sov 'reign o ver dark ness can not hide Your love, You are shin ing A/D on the throne, so glo ri ous. ev 'ry thing, so glo ri ous. like the sun, so glo ri ous. F♯m7 A/D 2. The Un veil my eyes to see A Chorus 1 2,3 You, to be hold You, God. Em G D

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Bible References

  • - Luke 22:69
  • - Luke 21:27
  • - Mark 14:62
  • - Matthew 17:2
  • - Revelation 19:4

2019 Integrity Worship Music/One Year Stairs Music/ASCAP (adm worldwide at, excluding the UK which is adm by Integrity Music), Open Hands Music/So Essential Tunes/SESAC (adm by Essential Music Publishing)

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