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Up And Alive Sheet Music

Luke + Anna Hellebronth

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Original Key: A

Tempo: 92

/tmp/ page 1 = 92     1. Mer cy ev 'ry morn ing, ris ing like the dawn; 2. You can still the pa nic, You can break the chains; A Verse 4 4 4 4 God of all cre a tion, the won der of it all. You're the on ly heal er, the great est e ver name. Dmaj7 You're the song of free dom, You're the on ly way; Through the cross for gi ven, ev 'ry thing has changed, A ev 'ry new be gin ning is by grace. Up ev 'ry new be gin ning is by grace. F♯m7 Esus4 Chorus

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Up And Alive - Youtube Lyric Video

Youtube Lyric Video


Bible References

  • - 2 Corinthians 3:17
  • - Colossians 1:13
  • - Colossians 1:14

2019 Thankyou Music, Capitol CMG Genesis, Safe & Sound Music, JimmyJames Designee, David Andrè Østby Designee

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