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Original Key: Ab

Tempo: 78

/tmp/ page 1 = 78     1. You're the hope that holds me, A♭ Intro E♭/G Fm7 D♭maj7 Verse A♭ 4 4 4 4 strong hold to shel ter me, my great con fi dent as E♭/G D♭ su rance, the on ly God for me. 1. You're the E♭ A♭ A♭sus4 A♭ 1 I'm hid den in Your strength, O Lord, my God, most high; A♭ Pre-Chorus E♭ D♭/F E♭/G A♭ 2 Your hands of faith ful ness keeps on shield ing me. E♭ D♭/F E♭/G A♭ A♭sus4

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