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We Will Feast In The House Of Zion Sheet Music

Sandra McCracken

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Original Key: E

Tempo: 72

/tmp/ page 1 = 72     We will feast in the Intro E Chorus E C♯m7 4 4 4 4 house of Zi on, we will sing with our hearts re stored. He has A E C♯m B4 A F♯m7 Bsus4 done great things, we will say to ge ther; we will feast and E C♯m7 A E/B C♯m B4 A weep no more. 1. We will not be burned by the 2. In the dark of night be fore the bro ken and be E/B E Verse A 4 2 4 4 4 2 4 4 fi re, He is the Lord, our God. We are not con dawn, my soul be not a fraid. For the pro mised trayed, You are the faith ful One. And from the C♯m A B C♯m

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We Will Feast In The House Of Zion - Youtube Live Worship

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Bible References

  • - Isaiah 38:20
  • - Joel 2:21
  • - Isaiah 43:2
  • - Lamentations 3:22

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