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Welcome King Of Kings Sheet Music

Noel Richards | average from reviews

Original Key: G

Tempo: 0

/tmp/ page 1 = 120 Piano Wel come, King of kings! How great G D C G D 4 4 4 4 Pno is Your name. You come in ma jes ty for ev er to C D G D C G C D Pno reign. You rule the na tions, they shake at the Let all cre a tion bow down at the G C G D G C G Pno sound of Your name. To You is giv en all pow'r, sound of Your name. Let ev 'ry tongue now con fess. D G C G D G C Pno and You shall reign. Em D D.C.

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Bible References

  • - Psalms 99:1
  • - Philippians 2:11
  • - Revelation 17:14
  • - Revelation 19:16

1991 Thankyou Music

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