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What A Friend Sheet Music

Martin Smith

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Original Key: C

Tempo: 0

/tmp/ page 1 = 136     1. What a Friend I've found, clo ser than a bro ther; 2. What a hope I've found, more faith ful than a mo ther; C Verse Dm C Dm 4 4 4 4 I have felt Your touch, more in ti mate than lov ers. it would break my heart to e ver lose each o ther. C Dm C Dm Je sus, Je F Chorus C/E F sus, Je sus, Friend for ev er. C Am G/B C F C/E G/D C 4 5 4 4 4 5 4 4

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Bible References

  • - Psalms 27:10
  • - Proverbs 18:24

1996 Curious? Music UK

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