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Wonder Of The Cross Sheet Music

Lou Fellingham | 5 average from 6 reviews

Original Key: Bb

Tempo: 73

/tmp/ page 1 Piano The great est love song, the great est sto ry, the King of Verse B♭sus4 B♭ F/A Gm 4 4 4 4 Pno. heav en poured in to a man. So help less sin ners can find for E♭ F B♭sus4 B♭ Pno. give ness born for our sal va tion, God's re demp tion plan. The curse of F/A Gm E♭ B♭ F B♭ Pno. sin placed u pon His shoul ders, all our of vit ed to sweet com mun ion, we are u B♭sus4 Verse B♭ F/A Gm Pno. fen ses Je sus chose to bear. God's per fect judge ment in love was nit ed in His right eous nes. Par tic i pa tion in death and E♭ F B♭sus4 B♭ Pno. ren dered, dark ness was de feat ed, death was shat tered there. Oh the glo ry, Je sus our be gin ning, Christ our on ly end. F/A Gm E♭ B♭ F B♭

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