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Second Coming

  • Yours Is The Kingdom

    Dave Bilbrough

  • Blessed Is The King

    Ian Smale

  • How Long

    Al Gordon

  • He Is The Mighty God

  • Go To All Nations

  • On that day

    Lex Buckley

  • We Will Believe

    Joshua Dufrene

  • We've had a light shine (Surely the time has come)

    Matt Redman

  • Astounded by the mystery

    Paul Oakley

  • There Will Be A Day

    Nick Law

  • Awaken us to see (Suddenly)

    Vicky Beeching

  • I Believe In A Hill Called Mount Calvary

    Gaither Vocal Band

  • In Majesty He Comes

  • Leave A Light On

    Matt Maher

  • Long For The Days

    Andrew Mitchell

  • We Are Your Inheritance

  • Just As He Said

    Godfrey Birtill

  • Joy Will Come

    Jon Egan & Mia Fieldes

  • Peace Will Be Mine

  • Here I Wait Beneath The Cross

    Tim Sherrington

  • Minute By Minute

  • I Cannot Tell

  • Jesus Is Reigning Over All

  • Drawn From Every Tribe

  • Arise Shine