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Nothing But Grace
Chris Sayburn

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Jesus You Are Changing Me
Marilyn Baker


Breathe On Me Breath Of God
David Fellingham

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Nothing But Grace | Chris Sayburn

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Nothing But Grace | Chris Sayburn

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Chris Sayburn Devotional Banner Nothing But Grace 910x260 waw

Nothing But Grace Song Devotional

In this song devotional Chris Sayburn turns our focus to God's immeasurable riches of grace expressed in Jesus our Saviour. We are reminded that this is a free gift available to all who believe and encouraged to spend time praising God for his embarrassing grace!

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RiskyBusiness WAW

Why we all need to say yes to God’s risky business

There’s always someone who does it better. There’s always a church with more people, a slicker worship band or a better idea of how to use social media/interactive video/overhead projectors.Comparisons are toxic. Measuring ourselves up against someone else will only ever rob us of contentment.

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RevivalCuba Part3 WAW

Revival In Cuba - The Inside Story: Part 3 The Little Church That Kept Its Flame Alight

In the final part of our Revival In Cuba blog series we read about how one woman kept the flame of Presbyterian Reformed Church in Varadero alight. There was a time when the flame of the church grew so faint that it might have been extinguished at any point. But Rita's commitment not to flee or denounce Christ changed everything.

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Hope And Glory

In the summer of 1984 a million people gathered in a handful of football stadiums across the country to hear Billy Graham preach the gospel. It seems like a whole century has passed since crowds that size wedged their way in to hear - and say ‘yes’ to - the invitation to follow Jesus. Burt could it happen again? ‘Hope And Glory’ by Tim Hughes is a song that says ‘yes’ too. “We want to see a great move of God,” says Tim. “We want to see Him moving again like He did back then.”



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