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Songs of the People
Paul Baloche

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Crown Of Beauty
Chris Bowater


God Of Glory
David Fellingham

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I Will Say | Lou Fellingham

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Songs Of The People | Paul Baloche

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Still WAW devotionals 910x3

Keep Coming Back - Video Devotional

Glenn Packiam brings us a special video devotional with music from Rivers & Robots new album, "Still Volume 1."

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YouTube RR Stream

Still Volume 1 - SPECIAL

The entire new Rivers & Robots Still Volume 1 album with visuals - live now on YouTube - but you can watch it here on WeAreWorship.

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PB ONCE FOR ALL Blog 910x260

Paul Baloche Song Devotional - Once For All

Jesus made the ultimate sacrifice once for all. Paul reads a short passage from Hebrews and shares how those verses inspired the song "Once For All" from his new album "Your Mercy."

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MR koms WAW

King Of My Soul - Song Devotional

How can laying down our lives be a joyful thing? Matt Redman shares the story behind the song King Of My Soul which carries the theme of joyful surrender. We are not simply to be generous givers but also joyful worshippers!



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