Posted by Phil Loose on 13 April 2017

After the reflection of Good Friday and the mourning of the cross and the blood of Christ, Easter Sunday brings the time for mourning to turn into dancing. Here’s some suggestions to help you with your song selection this Easter. We’ve gone for up-tempo songs on this list but with the addition of ‘He Lives’ which is mid tempo…and let’s be honest, we’ve also gone for the rock and party vibe - a real celebration flavour that the whole church can take part in - and these lyrics are full of content too. Let us know what you think in the comments below…..


1. We Believe (LifeWorship)

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In a time of desperation, when all we know is doubt and fear, there is only one foundation, We Believe, We Believe’

Never have the opening lyrics to a song been more appropriate for our country and the world we live in. This worship song from Life Church Bradford, and picked up around the world is a triumphant celebration of what we believe as Christians - and a celebration of the resurrection. You can do this song in a lot of different styles - but our favourite is the full on rock style that you hear in the second chorus. Check the video at 2 minutes 30 seconds and get ready for the call to the church in the bridge…..


2. The Greatest Day In History (O Happy Day) - Tim Hughes, Ben Cantelon

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Easter Sunday needs one of these songs that lets us proclaim the joy of salvation, freedom and hope. If you can manage the guitar intro then that’s great - but it’s never just about the music - so go for it with whatever musicians you have and celebrate the joy of Easter.


3. Build Your Kingdom Here - Rend Collective

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One of the beautiful things about Rend Collective is that you get the sense that they looked around and grabbed the nearest musical instruments and just let their joy spill out in their songs! So this isn’t about having a special drum to bang as much as it is about finding ‘something’ to hit! It’s the ultimate barn dance worship song with as much fun as you can take packed with biblical truth and content to challenge you. “Set Your church on fire, change the atmosphere… your kingdom here we pray.” Amen!


4. Today Is The Day - Lincoln Brewster

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OK.Let’s be honest, Lincoln Brewster plays guitar the way most of us can only dream of. If your worship leader was a sanctified blend of John Mayer and Eddie Van Halen (Google him!) - then this is Lincoln at his finest. But this song is the one to practice for Easter but which works well on any celebration day in church life. Focussing on the music of this song though does not do it justice. This song is about celebrating that today is the day the Lord has made, and we will rejoice and be glad in it. And it’s a LOT of fun!


5. The Way - Worship Central

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Most songs start from a germ of an idea, a lyric and a guitar or piano. Worship Central songs work well with just a guitar or as in this video, a full production track with specific parts for all instruments. Proclaiming “you’re the light shining bright in the darkness, Jesus You are the way” this song lifts up Jesus on high, and talks about how we were once lost and Jesus found us. On Easter day, with guests visiting, never is there a better time to invite people to meet Jesus - preach it!


6. Jesus Saves - Tim Hughes, Nick Herbert

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HOPE IS HERE, SHOUT THE NEWS TO EVERYONE! is the opening line from writers Tim Hughes and Nick Herbert and a great opener for Easter Sunday. The chorus echoes with the call ‘to let all the world know that Jesus saves’ and goes on to remind us of all that has been done for us through the cross - focusing us on worshipping Christ.


7. The Lion and The Lamb - Brenton Brown, Leeland Mooring, Brian Johnson

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One of the stand out songs of late 2016 and one finding a home in churches throughout the UK is ‘The Lion and The Lamb’, written by Brenton Brown, Leeland Mooring and Brian Johnson. These lyrics proclaim so much about Easter; “For the sins of the world His blood break the chains, and every knee will bow before the Lion and the Lamb.” Don’t be concerned with the great guitar riff at the front of the song - if you have the people and the talent, then give it a go, but worship is not about a performance - so a simple acoustic guitar and heart keen to worship Him is all you need to lead this song!

8. See What A Morning (Resurrection Hymn) - Keith Getty and Stuart Townend

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The modern hymn writers Stuart Townend and Keith Getty penned this classic a few years ago but it’s lost none of it’s power over the years and it’s proclamation ‘for He lives, Christ is risen from the dead’ still makes your spine tingle as you realise again, that He rose for ME! Such an amazing moment in history captured so perfectly in this hymn, which drives along at a good pace and has some more interesting and creative musical moments that will bring delight to musicians who don’t want to be playing G,C,D and Em all the time…. ;-)


9. You Are Good - Israel Houghton

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From the opening line to the end of the last chorus, which let’s be honest, if your musicians are up for it could be a good half an hour….(!) this is the song that brings unity and praise - a smile on the face of everyone as well as a moment when you can let your hair down in worship. For once in the year, maybe it’s OK for the guitarist to do a solo…..maybe even the drummer…..let’s all bring our gifts to the foot of the cross and bring excellence!

10. He Lives - Ben Cantelon, Nick Herbert, Chris Tomlin, Reuben Morgan

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When four writers of this caliber get in the same room, then you would expect something special to be written. He Lives shouts from the rooftops that ‘He lives reigning in power, He lives name above all names’. It’s a new song, probably the newest on this song suggestion list - but one that could become your anthem for Easter, speaking as it does of the resurrection of Christ. It teaches the complexity of the gospel in a simple way. 


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