8 Things You'll Love About Our New Song Pages!

Posted by Duncan Reid on 2 April 2019

If you're a long term user of WeAreWorship the you'll notice that we've revamped our song pages. These pages are by far that most important ones on our site for you, our users, so we've been listening to feedback, and working hard to make them deliver everything you need! We wanted to streamline the whole experience to make sure that you are able to find the resources that you really need, as quickly as possible, as well as add in some new functions to make worship planning with WeAreWorship even more convenient! So, introducing WeAreWorship song pages 2.0!!! Ta-dah!!!

1. Song format tabs

 BRAND NEW: Find the song in the format you need 

The first thing you'll notice is our new song chart format tabs. Here you can choose between the chords/Nashville numbers, sheet music, lead sheets & PVG's (Piano, Vocal, Guitar). The original key chord chart is available for free to our members for most songs on the site (although a selection of songs are held back exclusively for our subscribers). All assets are available for individual purchase, or you can get access to literally everything by subscribing. 

2. Download & print

 BRAND NEW: Print out the original key chord chart for free 

We know that most of you still like to be able to print out your charts. To make it super-easy we've opened up downloading the original key chord chart of the song to all of our users for free! So long as you're signed in you'll be able to download and print the charts for most of our song pages (other than our subscriber exclusives).

3. Multikey resources

 Transposition at the touch of a button  

Screen Shot 2019 11 04 at 12.42.06

Multikey transposition is usually reserved for our paying subscribers - from £5.99 a month you can get unlimited access to everything on the site. If, however, you land on one of our Free Song of the Week pages then you get the chance to test drive this technology, not only for chord charts, but also for sheet music. You can discover our Free Songs from the homepage, at the bottom of every song page, or if you're signed up to our weekly Free Song emails. So, go ahead, get stuck in - we know you'll find it so convenient!

4. Set-listing

 BRAND NEW: Get all your songs arranging in easy to use set-lists  

Screen Shot 2019 11 04 at 12.42.18

Previously reserved for our paying subscribers, set-lists are a great tool to help you prepare song lists for the coming Sunday, or to remember what you played last time round. Just hit the 'ADD TO SETLIST' button on the song page to pull your list together. Subscribers then get to open their set-lists in our exclusive LEAD MODE worship leader app tool. Available to you on any device on or offline, just open up the site, select your set-list in lead mode, and you're all set!

5. Powerpoint download

 BRAND NEW: Get the lyrics projector ready in Powerpoint 

Screen Shot 2019 11 04 at 12.42.27

Did you know that Powerpoint is the most used software for projecting lyrics in churches? To help those of our users who are 'on words' we developed the 'DOWNLOAD POWERPOINT' button. Members get to download the lyrics in Powerpoint format for most of the songs on site. For Free!!

6. Audio playback

 Choose your preferred playback platform   

Screen Shot 2019 11 04 at 12.42.36

Many of the songs on the site come with a full MP3, or an MP3 snippet for you to play. If you've got a subscription to Spotify or Apple Music though then you can make use of our embedded players, so hit the play button, and strum along!

7. Song videos

 Want to see the song, as well as hear it?    

Many of our songs have video content aggregated for you from elsewhere on the web - many of which are exclusive to WeAreWorship. We have a mix of song tutorials (to help you learn to play), acoustic, and full band live performances, song stories, lyric videos, and devotionals. get stuck in, and get to know your chosen songs even more deeply.

8. Languages and versions

 Playing the version you want, in the language you need    

WeAreWorship is an international site. At last count we are active in 238 countrires around the world, including users in places where it's illegal to worship Jesus! Having the songs that people want to sing, in the languages that they speak is really important to us, and that is why we have spent a lot of time translating our songs into up to 25 languages! Click around, and discover how to sing Great Are You Lord in German, or Hosanna (Praise Is Rising) in Russian!

You can also find different arrangements of songs - do you prefer Soul Survivors version of Build My Life over Housefires. No problem, just select the version you need, and get the right chords for that arrangement.

We hope you enjoy using the new WeAreWorship song pages as much as we've enjoyed putting them together. As always, if you spot a problem, or have an improvement that you'd like to suggest then please drop us a line using the contact link at the footer of the page.

The WeAreWorship team!

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