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We recently ran a competition to win a PreSonus recording studio kindly donated by our friends at Source Distribution We had many entries - thank you all so much for engaging with us and helping to share the message of WeAreWorship. Our winner was Andrew Final who attends Christchurch in Redbourn. We called him to let him know he had won - and found that this prize would quickly find a home in the church. We asked him to tell us more......



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Pic: Andrew and the worship team at Christ Church Redbourn with their new Presonus recording solution.



WeAreWorship: Andrew – congratulations – you are the winner! Tell us a little about your church in St Albans and your role there as worship leader and musician.

Andrew Final: Redbourn is a village just outside the city of St Albans. Over the years it has experienced plenty of good Christian witness, though one of the small independent churches that was struggling was closed down about six years ago. It reopened as a church plant started by Christians from an adjoining town and today it has a congregation of around 100. We have three music groups and I play guitar in the two groups that I lead. One group is predominately made up of young people, the other two are a mixture of ages.

WeAreWorship: What do you do for a 'day job' and how do you balance the needs of running a worship team and a demanding job?

Andrew Final: I am UK Health & Safety Manager for a multinational company. This keeps me busy and I am away from home fairly regularly. I generally try to manage my time so that I can get to our midweek small group. Music practices and meetings tend to be on a Sunday evening which works well for everyone.

WeAreWorship: How will this PreSonus studio gear help you in your church?

Andrew Final: We are always looking for easy ways to introduce new songs to the group and had considered recording them so that all the musicians and singers could listen before we start to learn the songs. However this wouldn’t have been easy and the sound quality would have been very poor. The PreSonus kit will be so good for this. Occasionally the children and youth groups like to make videos to show what they have been doing but the quality of sound has always been a problem - again problem solved. All I need to do now is work my way through the manual and learn how to use the software!

WeAreWorship: What songs are your current favourites in your church?

Andrew Final: There are so many really good ones it is hard to pick a favourite, although anything by the Gettys or Stuart Townend seem to be very popular with our preachers and congregation. If I had to pick one it would be In Christ Alone. The words are just amazing.

WeAreWorship: Last but not least – how has helped you in your role?

Andrew Final: I do enjoy receiving the weekly song and hymn emails. This has reminded me of some good songs and hymns that we have forgotten about and has given me inspiration for new songs. I also find the informative features and articles on the website very useful.



Many thanks to Source Distribution for the prize.
For more information about Presonus - visit them at 

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